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"Beautiful store & exceptional service from the staff! I'm so appreciative of all of the recommendations & help that was provided during wedding dress shopping."


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The Bridal Gallery is Canada's largest and premier wedding apparel store. Our gallery extends over two floors and 15,000 sq. feet. As well as carrying a huge selection of wedding gowns most exclusive to The Bridal Gallery we have an amazing selection of bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Our prom and evening wear selection is one that will make you say WOW! We are sure to have the perfect gown for your event.

The best way to start is to visit the store known for having a huge selection of leading styles. The styles arriving at The Bridal Gallery today won't show up on other stores' racks until next season. Our consultants at The Bridal Gallery will be able to make recommendations based on your body type and many other factors to find you the perfect dress. Be open to trying things that you might not pick off the rack yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised. Our knowledgeable staff have a way of finding the perfect dress for every bride.

Our wedding gowns range in price from $1,500 to $7,000.

To try on wedding gowns we do strongly recommend that you book an appointment. Space permitting we are more than happy to accommodate walk-ins as a room and consultant become available. We want to ensure that you receive great one on one service and that we have a consultant and room available for you when you arrive.

A typical wedding gown consultation appointment is booked for 1 1/2 hours.

Choosing a wedding gown will be one of your most important wedding planning decisions and is a wonderful and often emotional event for most brides. We truly feel it is a moment to be shared with close friends and family. It is a very special experience at The Bridal Gallery and a very involved process for both the consultant and Bride to find that perfect dream dress. Appointments can often run a few hours. We strongly recommend that you bring your mom or important support person with you to your appointment so that she does not miss out on the experience of finding your wedding gown.That said, most brides find it very difficult to make their own decision when too many opinions are presented. Secondly, seating can be limited and on busy days many of your guests may end up standing through your appointment. We can accommodate groups much more easily on weekdays and even reserve a private area of the store just for you. If you wish to bring children we can reserve a time during the week to accommodate.

It is a simple process: When you have chosen your dress all that is needed is a 50% deposit. The industry standard for wedding gown delivery is 12-25 weeks. Most gowns are made when they are ordered and subsequently shipped from over seas. Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses typically take 10-14 weeks to arrive. Due to lengthy ordering times and the likely need for some type of alteration, we suggest ordering your gown at least 6-8 months before your wedding.

Once you have made a purchase, you are more than welcome to take pictures of your gown. Prior to purchase however, due to designer copyright protection, we have a strict no photography policy.

Nothing completes a beautiful bride better than the right accessories. At The Bridal Gallery we pride ourselves on providing one of the most extensive selections of Headpieces, Veils, Shoes, Purses and Jewelry. Our large selection guarantees that you are sure to find what you need to complete your wedding day look. Your consultant will expertly guide you in choosing what will best complement your dream gown.

Ideally, you should choose your accessories when you pick your dress. Accessories should compliment subtle details in your gown like lace and beading and must be matched to the dress. Accessories create a complete coordinated total look. Ordering time for veils and headpieces is typically around 12 weeks. We don't recommend that you wait to choose them however. You may find if you wait that the sample gown has left the store and you now don't have the opportunity to coordinate with the gown until the last minute after your dress arrives.

Yes appointments for bridesmaids are required.

Your gown is a special order, not a custom fit. When your gown is being ordered we take your measurements and compare them to a size chart from the designer. Then we advise you on how to pick your size. Ordering a made to measure or custom fit gown is extremely expensive and it is a much longer process. However, with the calibre of dresses that we carry, often very little is needed in fitting the dress and you can often get away with just a hem and bustle.

Alterations are charged separately and not built into the price of the dress. While most stores now send brides off to deal with alterations through a third party The Bridal Gallery continues to offer this most important service in-house. We have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced alterations staff. Don't underestimate the importance of properly performed custom fitting to ensure you look your best on your wedding day. The availability schedule for alterations changes throughout the year. Approximately three months before your wedding, we will have you meet one on one with one of our dressmakers. You must have your wedding day shoes and any undergarments you will be wearing with you at this appointment. If your dress is a lace-up back, we recommend bringing one person with you to learn how to tie it. After your first fitting you will be given a date to return to pick up your dress. If a second fitting will be necessary, your alterationist will inform you. At your pick up appointment you will try on your dress once more to ensure that your dress fits properly. Second fittings and pick up appointments will be booked with the dress maker that did your original fitting. This way, if any adjustments need to be made, there will not be any confusion. When everything is finished, you will pay for your alterations and take your gown home with you. Be prepared to store your gown out of the bag when you get it home as it will be pressed and ready to wear.

Yes, we will call you and send you a letter. Please be sure that we have all of your correct contact information.

14 days after receiving notification you will be required to pay the balance owing and do an inspection. If you are not doing alterations through our store you will be required to take it home with you at this time. However if you decide to use our in-house professional alteration service we will be more than happy to safely store your dress for you.

We have a huge selection of gowns in store and most of them are available for purchase off the rack. If you find something that you love but it isn't the right size or color, rush orders are available at additional cost. Lead time for a rush order is usually around 12 weeks. If you have less than three months, we will pull as many strings as we can to have a dress here for you. The fee for a rush delivery is different for each designer. When an order is placed and confirmed by the designer, we are able to guarantee arrival on your gown.

Yes absolutely! We offer "package pricing" on your wedding dress when you reserve three or more complete adult tuxedo or suit rentals. To take advantage of this opportunity to save, you must have deposits down on tuxedos before your wedding dress arrives at the store to qualify. It is advisable and typical to have your tuxedos chosen at least 4-6 months before your wedding. This will ensure the best selection of styles and sizes. Also, if you are reserving five or more complete rentals, along with the package discount on your wedding dress, your groom's base rental will be free!

In this type of circumstance, you will still have to fulfill your contractual commitment to pay the balance on your gown and complete the sale. All sales are final, so if such a situation were to take place, you may wish to sell your dress privately or consign it.

We offer professional cleaning and preservation of your wedding gown on site. Our specialized "Aqua Clean" process is the best and safest way to clean a wedding gown. We do not recommend dry-cleaning for most gowns, as the harsh cleaning solvents can melt delicate beadwork and leave behind sugar based stains which will yellow over time. See Gown Cleaning tab for more detailed information.

We offer a specially designed and certified bag as the ideal method of storage for your gown after cleaning. Our storage bag is patterned after the Smithsonian Institute's recommended method for storage of historical clothing. See Gown Cleaning for more detailed information.