Gown Care

Follow these tips to care for your wedding gown on the day.

Make-up: Cover the shoulders and bodice of your gown with a towel or cloth when applying make-up or hairspray

Flowers: Ask your florist to remove blossoms or stamens from your flowers that could stain your gown.

Wrinkles: A steamer may be useful for removing wrinkles in your skirt or train.  Hang gown to prevent wrinkling.

Food or Drink: Place a clean folded towel under the stain and blot, don't rub, wtih a clean cloth dampened in cool water or soda water.

Snags: Beware of objects that could scratch or snag your dress

Static Electricity: Can attract dust and dirt like a magnet.  Bring along a clean sheet for the car seat or for the floor when changing

Repairs: Bring a needle and thread along with safety pins.  Bustles can be ripped from people stepping on your gown.

Cleaning: Make sure to  have your gown cleaned and preserved by The Bridal Gallery's own preservation team to ensure a liftime of enjoyment from your gown.